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So, is this POF webcam legitimate, or an attempt at identity theft? Its not the provider, but the person who built the free web site, which will more than likely will be abandoned.I'm running a virus scan, but is there anything else I need to think about? Take a lesson here and never follow a link given to you in an email, without do diligence.By now we are all familiar in some way with the internet and how it all works.With today's lifestyles becoming more and more hectic the effort to get out there and meet people seems too much of an effort.But when she hit me with, “You know, I’m not dating anyone that’s still friends with their ex,” I figuratively went nuts. It’s just too easy for something to happen.” *silence* “Let’s say they’re hanging out. If she wants to cross the line she’s not going to think twice about me.” “I hear you.

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She ask for, and I give her my email address, where I get an official looking email from POF.

Even though she wasn’t involved with anyone she had a vision for how she wanted her fairytale to play out.

Damn you Disney, for your stupid patriarchal fairytales.

Anyone can copy bank sites, stores, or any other logos and pictures from a web site, and use them elsewhere. I figured out something was up as soon as they asked for CC information, but in the future I will definitely be wiser.

One more piece of advice, get a few expendable email's. They have no personal information of mine, I was able to change all my passwords, I don't access my bank on this computer, and I have pretty serious virus protection on this machine, so I think I'm good.


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