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these things got me to thinking about an actress infatuation incident that happened to me recently.I was watching a film, and go so involved that I started to become rather infatuated with the actress... Anyway, with these things in mind, I then read a story about the Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz and how he wrote the song 'Mrs Potters Lullaby' about the actress Monica Potter...He couldn't wait to see her — well, at least he thought he couldn't. He has battled depression; he has been diagnosed with a dissociative disorder that makes things seems unreal, or maybe too real, or maybe just too weird. "A few years ago, I got tired of everything," says the man behind such painfully lovely and very profitable '90s laments Round Here and A Long December. I didn't feel like writing for myself anymore." It wasn't always that way. If they're no good, I just throw them out." There was a lot of "good" on the Crows' first four records, including prodigious 1993 debut August and Everything After and 1996's dazzling sophomore effort Recovering the Satellites, which explored the correlation between fame and loneliness.

And then I stopped and said to myself, "How can I write a whole song about someone I don't even know? It's automatically trite and false." But I was enthralled with it.Known for his charismatic charm, musician Adam Duritz has dated many known faces of Hollywood.But despite having dated women for half of his life, he seems to have remained single and unmarried.Duritz doesn't flinch: "Hard Candy was about memories, the way you remember certain things." He hangs onto the past — or as he likes to call it, "films about ghosts" — like jagged heirlooms, never letting the wounds fully heal. "They came true though." • • • Much like his endless string of crumbled relationships, that Voice of a Generation promise didn't quite pan out.Without breaking stride, he moves to the backstory of another song from that album, a cut called Miami: "I remember standing at the airport gate, back when you could wait for someone at the gate." Another girlfriend, a model this time, had been in Europe all summer. One of the reasons is no doubt because Adam Duritz is always, unfailingly, Adam Duritz. His songs are written in blood and loss and more than a touch of mania; they've taken their weary toll.His work scoring music for film has been recognized by the music industry, notably with an award for co-writing the song "Accidentally in Love" for the movie Shrek 2 from BMI.Duritz's lyrics have been described as "morose" and "tortured" Before gaining fame, Duritz sang (and later wrote songs) for a few San Francisco Bay Area bands.I wondered what else I could do." I felt that this was rather sweet, until I read on and discovered that he was then introduced to her after she heard about the song and then they started dating...which was pretty sickening, as I don't have the talent to write a song, and I'm not famous either, so even if I did she would never hear it. does anyone else suffer/has suffered this strange problem, or did they grow out of it after there teen years? After all, Duritz is the self-defeating Rain King of the '90s roots-rock scene, the dreadlocked imp who wanted to be the next Bob Dylan. If it weren't for the perils of his own tortured head, maybe he could have been.I tell him I've been listening to the deceptively upbeat If I Could Give All My Love — or — Richard Manuel Is Dead from 2002 LP Hard Candy.


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