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Many adults have gone undiagnosed for years and others develop symptoms relatively late in life.

Those who have attention deficit disorder experience problems in most areas of their lives, including their jobs and relationships, making it hard for them to pick up on non-verbal cues in conversations or to resist the many distractions that abound in most work or personal environments.

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ADHD is a chronic condition, beginning in early childhood and persisting throughout a person's lifetime.

Those with severe ADD (ADHD) which is untreated, and who have little support in dealing with their ADD (ADHD) are most likely to struggle with more severe ADD (ADHD)-related problems.

The good news is that ADD (ADHD) is a highly treatable disorder.

In adults ADD (ADHD) can result in economic loss, career failure, marital and family dysfunction, increased psychiatric problems, emotional distress, and health problems.

And ADD (ADHD) is an "equal opportunity" disability that affects men and women, people of all races and ethnic groups, and people from all social classes.


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