Adventures delicious dating after 40

Maybe in the end you’ll warm to our cold hard facts. We had actual women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and political bents come to our laboratories and view images. So, today I’ll step out of the Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative’s (CWPC) lab to address a few of the negative comments our book has received. We cannot believe the uproar caused by our little book, Porn for Women! We had sensors, heart rate monitors, and all kinds of bio feedback devices.It wasn’t like we invaded a sovereign Middle Eastern country, or single handedly brought back leggings! We found that stuff like this: Figure #1: Bottom line: this book is based on hard science. So we can’t apologize for the breadth of our material’s appeal.Also, since I’ve been traveling more — a week at Thanksgiving and I’ll be gone 5 days this week, plus I’ll be gone to India and Singapore for all of January.

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DG also pointed out how many men are intimidated by successful women today who have developed this “don’t mess with me” demeanor and several commenters agreed.

In her blog’s comment section, I acknowledged that DG had started a great conversation.

It’s incredible that you’ve been able to post daily for more than two years so if you’ve decided to ramp down, it would be totally understandable. My original purpose of blogging was to create the manuscript that is now in my literary agent’s hands and is being pitched to publishers.

But I got a little carried away and continued daily postings for nearly 2 years! But I have decided to cut to about every other day so I would feel the pressure to “just write about anything.” While it worked for Seinfield to have a show about nothing, I want to offer you insightful or amusing content.


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