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Especially to my peers [who] couldn’t understand things like “trans” and gender identity.

And then obviously the modeling thing came up, and I became this androgynous male model, and that was a big part of my growing up and my self-discovery.

But there’s a difference between not wanting to make a big deal of something and fearing the effect it will have on my life. If I go on a date, I don’t have to worry about that moment when he finds out.” And Pejic is dating, a cisgender, straight New York real estate agent, she tells Dating a trans woman in 2016, she said, is akin to a white man dating an African-American woman in the 1960s.

“But I would like to look beyond that,” said Pejic.

Caitlyn Jenner and transgender model Andreja Pejic are not dating nor are they a new “couple” who got “cozy” at Oscar parties, despite a fake news story. We’re told the two women are “just friends.” According to the serial fabricators at Hollywood Life, Jenner and Pejic were “absolutely inseparable on Oscars night,” and it appeared that “more is going on between the two gorgeous women.” After noting the transgender women attended both the and Elton John Oscars after-parties together, the webloid declares, “They make a beautiful couple.” The site then points out that Pejic is more than half Jenner’s age, before exclaiming, “Love doesn’t discriminate.” Hollywood Lies, as it’s known, further states, “Caitlyn shared a selfie on Twitter of herself and Andreja in a car on the way to Elton John’s party, but she has since deleted it.” “Wonder why,” adds the absurdly inaccurate site in a conspiratorial manner.

Of course, the outlet wouldn’t dare fact-check its fake news story because it would have nothing to publish otherwise.

And a rep for Jenner exclusively tells us the former Olympian and Pejic are “just friends.” Naturally, Gossip Cop is not remotely surprised by the falsity of the Hollywood Lies article.

Although she started as a male model, Pejic revealed to that at that time she self-prescribed illegal puberty blockers from the internet. By 2011, she was modeling both male and female collections for French designer Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris.cover that was essentially banned by Barnes & Noble for fear their customers would think he was a naked woman), and he even walked as the beautiful bride in Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring ’11 Couture show (). She always knew she was a woman, but her body, or at least parts of it, didn’t match up. Earlier this year, Andreja underwent sex reassignment surgery (SRS).But like many other articles from that site, the story is 100 percent wrong and seemingly made-up to garner traffic.Gossip Cop fact-checked the report, even though it came from Hollywood Life.The model said transgender issues had become a “trendy topic” with the prominence of people such as herself and Caitlyn Jenner, but doubted youngsters would take such “drastic” action as transitioning “just to be on-trend.” Asked if she had any regrets, Pejic said: “God, no.I was like: ‘Throw it away.’” She added: “I’d planned on a pussy shower but actually the time afterwards wasn’t easy as I had to work out what to do with my career.” Her intention at first was to give up modelling.Much like the current story involving Pejic, the webloid sprinkled keywords, including “dating” and “cozy,” into its erroneous mystery boyfriend report.That tale wasn’t true, nor is the current one linking the two transgender women.I figured out who I was very early on—actually, at the age of 13, with the help of the Internet—so I knew that a transition, becoming a woman, was always something I needed to do.But it wasn’t possible at the time, and I put it off, and androgyny became a way of expressing my femininity without having to explain myself to people too much.


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