Arianeb dating game

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I caught the term frankenmix on a music forum where it was used to describe a remastered, updated and modernised release of a sixties music track by using digital technology and effects.

The clickable, but invisible, hotspot zones (also called image maps for those who still remember html courses) have been replaced by easy to spot links.

The good thing is it has been made possible to play the game on tablets and phones like that, because with a fat finger you can't hover over an invisible link. Well, I would be daft to forbid the Creator to make the game tablet-friendly, but I can't unthink the impression that this is another case where new technology leads to a further nivellement par le bas instead of creating an intellectual boost of the masses.

And yet where there is a demand, there will be someone to fill it.

Two different “Dating Sim” apps have been put into the app store using artwork from Date Ariane.


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