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(Though they notably did not tone down the violence, even for the children.)Standards of child-friendliness have shifted in the past 200 years; some of the Grimms' stories are now considered shockingly violent—and at least one of them, "The Jew in the Thorns", notoriously religiously insensitive.

(Similar stories appear in the Grimms' other, more adult, story collection, nature of many of the original stories have made the Grimm Brothers the Trope Namer for Grimmification.

Cinderella herself, non-hero of a dubious tale, evinces more depth than most archetypes.

She is capable of developing relationships, meting forgiveness, manipulating her own destiny, even of attracting magical help.

The scholarly Jacob sought to establish more Germanic forms of the stories by replacing foreign words such as ", replacing fays with enchantresses and wise women and by supplying missing plot-elements from historic sources; the more creative-minded Wilhelm tried to make the stories more acceptable to a popular audience (presumably including children), by selectively Bowdlerizing the tales published, notably removing evil mothers and replacing them with step-mothers (as in the case of "Snow White"), by removing implications of sex and pregnancy (as in "Rapunzel"), and by re-writing the stories in a more literary style.These qualities on their own make Cinderella an anomaly among fairytale principals: she is given no journey, no quest, no troll to enrage or woo, but permitted to stay at home (albeit in a life of unrelieved drudgery).Although one of three sisters, she does not best them in riddles or games of strength or chance; even the sewing for which she is punished is not her own.We loved Kenneth Branagh's 2015 movie adaptation of Cinderella - based on the Disney animation.But did you know the original story was a lot less pretty...?When artists in nineteenth-century Germany no longer had the economic security of working permanently either for the Church or the Crown, and thus had to face the challenges of the open art market, they had to invent marketing strategies in order to stand out above the keen competition at art exhibitions.They also had to satisfy the demands of the new buying class—the culturally interested and wealthy bourgeoisie.It guaranteed that he would stand out from his competitors in the open art market and therefore attract the attention of the critics as well as potential buyers.Moreover, if the viewing public accepted German fairy tales as a subject of history paintings, he would be able to increase his work on fairy tales, definitely a favorite painting subject of his.In the original version, Cinderella or ‘Aschenputtel’ (Ash-fool) still has two step-sisters…But when they come to try on that Jimmy Choo-style glass slipper, they deftly hack off their toes and heels to try to make it fit, but the blood dripping from their own shoes gives them away. In the first version of the story, it was Snow White’s real mum who was out to get her…


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