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Take a look at how a camera clip like these works in this video.

So, if that's you, I have included a few accessories in here that will turn your smartphone into a tool to use with your digital SLR.Stopping to pull your camera out of a case or backpack means you might miss the important shot. One button press and the camera’s back in your hand for the perfect shot, right on time.Having a camera slung around your neck isn’t always the most comfortable option because it’s heavy and awkward, and it gets in the way. Fasten one of these camera clips to your belt and mount your camera. Release the camera from the clip, and then mount it on a tripod if you like.Two of these camera belt clips are ARCA-compatible right out of the box.That means you can use them with a wide variety of tripods and tripod heads with no special adapters needed.Wearable cameras usually clip on to an article of clothing such as a shirt, belt, harness, hat or helmet.Body cameras like the Go Pro HERO, Garmin VIRB Elite and Narrative Clip work in a variety of situations, including recording video for personal video logs, recording You Tube videos and filming first-person views of extreme sports.At some point you might as well just get an actual camera, right?But if you love shooting pictures or movies, and are in favor of anything that allows you to do more with the tech you have or push it beyond what it was intended for, this roundup is for you.Wearable cameras range from small, low-resolution options for use as life cameras to full HD sports camera for professional video.Knowing what to look for allows you to choose the right one for your needs.


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