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For starters, it seems that the Black Berry KEYone is setting itself up to be something truly different from everything else around today.“We're very proud of the Black Berry brand,” Johnathan Young, Black Berry’s Mobile’s UK Country Manager, told at the KEYone launch event.“But we're not going in the same way as every other device.”“There are so many alternatives around - but (the KEYone) is completely different - what we’ve decided to do is redesign for people to rediscover Black Berry,”“Every device looks the same now…but I think that people want choice, and this is what we’re offering them with KEYone.”The KEYone is certainly a visual departure from past Black Berry devices, with a glamorous new all-metal build.

The front of the device also now combines the company’s iconic QWERTY keyboard with a touchscreen, meaning users get the best of both worlds.

Black Berry HQ has claimed merely that users will be surprised how well it fares against its rivals - referring principally to Apple’s Siri and Windows Phone’s Cortana.

A full demo of Black Berry Assistant is expected to take place at the smartphone’s launch event in September.

The good news for us here in Britain is that the Black Berry Passport is on sale right now.

At present, Selfridges is the only store that is selling the smartphone in the UK; Black Berry has confirmed that the device will be made available on Vodafone in the coming days.

It’s safe to assume that other major phone operators will follow suit shortly afterwards.

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The phone is now on sale in the UK, but if you're looking to get your hands on it now, there's a small catch - here's all you need to know.

If you want to buy one, you’ll need to head down to the flagship Selfridges store on Oxford Street in London.

The good news is that the phone will eventually be available to buy elsewhere, with Carphone Warehouse confirmed to be stocking the phone as soon as May 5, 2017.“We want to congratulate Black Berry Mobile on the UK launch of the Black Berry Key One,” said Bosse Myhr, Selfridges Director of Technology, Home and Menswear.

Black Berry is also keen to highlight the software included in its new device, particularly the DTEK security tools.

The company says that the KEYone is right up there with the most secure smartphones available today, with the advanced DTEK software combined with encryption built in to the device’s hardware itself.“Security and privacy is at the heart of what we do,” Young says, “We are the world's most secure Android phone.” is currently putting the device through its paces, with a review coming up soon.


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