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Yes, just like you if you are honest, patient, hardworking, and generally follow the accepted social norms for how men are supposed to treat women in the modern Western world.

He didn’t chastise me for my supposed laziness, my poor eating habits or lack of discipline, my BMI of 31 (32?

), my glaringly obvious double chin, the three packages of Spring Oreos in my cupboard.

There are over seventy-eight million Brazilian women and they are among the most educated and upwardly mobile women in Latin America.

In fact, Global Issues, an international monitor of education revealed the following facts, in 2010, about women in Brazil: There are over seventy-eight million Brazilian women, there is almost certainly a woman for any man willing to make the effort.


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    Dates may sometimes canceled in cases where the child gets sick or a babysitter is not possible.