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A transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT), also known as just a transurethral resection (TUR), is often used to determine if someone has bladder cancer and, if so, whether the cancer has invaded the muscle layer of the bladder wall.This is also the most common treatment for early-stage or superficial (non-muscle invasive) bladder cancers.Dr Cornelisse said it was important that men having difficulties achieving or sustaining erections talked to their doctor."There's lots of things we can do to help," he said.It's an age-old question: why do we call them boners if the human penis doesn't actually have a bone?The baculum, as the dick bone is known, first evolved in mammals between 145 and 95 million years ago.According to Brindle, "males of species facing high levels of sexual competition for females have longer bacula than those facing lower levels of sexual competition." So promiscuous mammals have bigger penis bones.Unlike other mammals, humans are generally monogamous, so human dudes "have minimal sexual competition as females typically only mate with one male at a time," Brindle wrote.

Arthurs told investigators that all four men shared neo-Nazi beliefs prior to his conversion to Islam.The penis bone, Brindle explained, "helps prolong intromission, otherwise known as vaginal penetration." Rather than trying to stretch out the enjoyment of sex, Brindle wrote this prolonged intromission "is a way for a male to prevent a female from sneaking off and mating with anyone else before his sperm have had a chance to work their magic." She added, "This theory brings a whole new meaning to the term 'cock-blocking.'"Over the course of evolution, having a penis bone at all is linked to longer sex—anything over three minutes.Furthermore, primate males with "longer intromission durations tend to have far longer bacula than males of species where intromission is short," Brindle wrote. Well, from penetration to ejaculation, the average human male lasts less than two minutes.He told 774 ABC Melbourne's Clare Bowditch there were a lot of people who had trouble getting satisfactory erections."Probably a lot of those people aren't coming and asking [doctors] about it," he said.Listeners sent in text messages with their experiences of erectile dysfunction.Standing just outside the unit was another of Arthurs’ roommates, Brandon Russell, who was wearing US Army camouflage after returning to the apartment from the National Guard.Investigators searched the apartment’s garage and found an explosive known as HMTD — hexmethylene tiperoxide diamine, according to a criminal complaint filed in US District Court.Arthurs then briefly held an employee and customers hostage at the nearby Green Planet Smoke Shop, where he boasted that he had just killed his roommates, “blasting their head” with a semi-automatic pistol. “I had to do it,” Arthurs said, according to the report.“This wouldn’t have had to happen if your country didn’t bomb my country.” When asked if anyone else was hurt, Arthurs replied: “The people in the apartment, but they’re not hurt, they’re dead.” Inside the Amberly Drive apartment, Himmelman and Oneschuk were found shot in the head and upper body, according to the police report.Talkback caller Joe from Melton said he felt pressure from his partner to sustain an erection but had difficulty doing so."A lot of the time I can't get an erection and I'm not sure why," he said. "Some of the pressure might be coming from the partner, but guys put a lot of pressure on themselves to perform," he said.


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