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Carnival of Carnage is an official Special Delivery map.

It released as part of the Scream Fortress 2014 update on October 29, 2014. Similar in play to Doomsday, the objective is to carry a briefcase full of tickets to The World's Largest Strongmann Machine on the opposite side of the map and insert it into the spectral lock at the top, all while Merasmus makes snarky commentary.

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If a player plays the next round, Merasmus will make more comments at the player saying that he/she is stupid for falling for the trap, but he "promises" that he won't do it again.

Carnival of Carnage Duck Collectors " data-url="/w/images/thumb/b/b6/Carnival_of_Carnage_Duck_Collectors_Overview.jpg/1024px-Carnival_of_Carnage_Duck_Collectors_Overview.jpg" class="image lightboxed"Carnival of Carnage Falling Platforms " data-url="/w/images/thumb/b/b7/Carnival_of_Carnage_Falling_Platforms_Overview.jpg/1024px-Carnival_of_Carnage_Falling_Platforms_Overview.jpg" class="image lightboxed"Carnival of Carnage Bumper Car Soccer " data-url="/w/images/thumb/f/f2/Carnival_of_Carnage_Bumper_Car_Soccer_Overview.jpg/1024px-Carnival_of_Carnage_Bumper_Car_Soccer_Overview.jpg" class="image lightboxed" Once either team has placed the tickets at the top of the machine, both teams will be pulled into aggressive bumper car duels.

In the process, the force of the ship’s propeller wash in the harbour impacted a nearby floating dock and some small vessels which were damaged.

Appreciating the Music Attending Events Living a Juggalo Lifestyle Community Q&A Juggalos are the fans of the band Insane Clown Posse, and their record label Psychopathic Records.


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