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We pushed the boat above our heads, while our legs underwater were getting slashed to ribbons by sword-grass. An interest in animals inspired by Queensland’s rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef led Dr Chadden Hunter to the African wilderness.The team was filming the Saiga antelope in a remote region of Kazakhstan for the upcoming 'grasslands' episode, which follows the animals of the world's plains.After days of searching, the crew tracked down a calving herd and watched as thousands of antelopes gave birth to their calves together.The episode, which airs this Sunday night, also features dramatic footage of a Cape buffalo facing off against a pride of lions.In another scene, viewers will see how intelligent bee-eater birds use herds of elephants to help them find their next meal.More than a decade ago, the wildlife documentary was seen as an element of niche programming, often relegated to public television or cable channels such as Discovery. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, the 11-part series took five years to produce and was the most expensive nature documentary series ever commissioned by the BBC.More pertinent to the viewer, however, was the fact that “Planet Earth” was the first nature series to be filmed in high definition at a time when HDTVs were still considered to be something of a luxury purchase.

Six producers from the doco have now shared their most hair-raising tales with The Guardian, and the one from Australian biologist and filmmaker Dr Chadden Hunter is absolutely wild.

In “Planet Earth II,” Hunter takes viewers to eleven different countries to capture images of the wildlife inhabiting these remote places for the “Grasslands” episode.

But viewers who watch the special behind-the-scenes segments of “Planet Earth II” may recognize him from the first series.

While you've been happily watching nature take its swift and violent course in David Attenborough's hotly anticipated documentary 'Planet Earth II' – from the safety and comfort of your couch, no less – you've probably never spared a thought for the people risking life and limb to get you that legitimately insane footage.

But the (shocking) truth is, cameramen & women had to spend months travelling to remote locations to get those sweet shots of lion attacks, Medusa-like snake pits, and sloths goin' for a leisurely swim.


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