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He had about two weeks, and I was signed to Def Jam, so that was the beginning of our business relationship,” Michele said.

However, their romantic relationship tanked when their business relationship began to go south.

According to Chrisette who was joined during the interview by her college ex turned fiancé Doug “Biggs” Ellison, she and the love of her life made amends after YEARS of litigation over a contract.

After hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, the two eventually sat down and ironed out their legal dealings before rekindling their relationship.

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“We got into the music industry and things went haywire with litigation and when litigation was over, we missed each other. There were things in the contract that I felt that he did wrong and I told my lawyers and they were like ‘Oh this is terrible, you’ve got to get out of this! I went from a lawyer to a litigator, then he [Doug] had a litigator and they went back and forth.

In a recent interview with Mara The Hip Hop Socialite, Michele explained how her relationship with Ellison began years ago. We were in school for music — he was in school studying business, and I was in school studying the music side of business — and we hit it off kind of right away. he said, give me a year, and I’ll have you signed to a major label.

And I kind of didn’t want to be signed to a major label at the time, and I just wanted to sing.

Of course, I spent my share of time sporting a baldy just because...[Michael Jordan], so a few kids told me I looked like... When I rocked the afro, they said I looked like Kobe Bryant. The complaints started when somebody told me I look like Wesley Snipes. But other than that, people been saying I look like Omar Epps forever.

I also got Chris Webber and on a non-ballin' tip, I got Eddie Murphy and I think Arsenio Hall once. And let me tell you, we're no better than white people.


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