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Since marriage enjoys the favor of the law, until the annulment is granted, the presumption is that a person will be able to marry.He should act in accordance with that presumption until the contrary is established. If you get engaged prior to receiving a declaration of nullity and it turns out that one is not granted, then you will be in a very difficult situation.Before you can marry a Catholic, you must petition for an annulment because it is assumed that you are still married and are not free to marry again until it is proven that your first marriage was invalid.

Of course a person may choose to seek an annulment in such a case.It is not a divorce; it is a statement that the bond of marriage as it is understood by the Catholic Church was not made.Why can the Catholic Church conduct such an investigation? I noticed some profiles are divorced yet they say they can marry in the church. Also, should I date a divorced woman if they are not seeking or they don't have an annulment? Signed, Wondering Dear Michele, Why is such site as Catholic Singles allowing people who are currently separated to look for a dates? Dear Wondering and Whats Up, Many Catholics are just as confused about the Churchs teaching on marriage and divorce as non-Catholics.You would think that people would wait for ink is dry on their divorce paper before they start looking for new relationship! One reason is that we sometimes get our information from sources that dont understand the process.Aging does not mean you’ve outgrown awkward, shy, what-do-we-talk-about moments.It does not mean you automatically know when the time is right to reach over and hold hands or to ask for that first kiss.Even the thought of dating after a divorce or annulment is enough to cause shudders in the lives of those who understand what that truly means, and yet there comes a time in the lives of most divorced Catholics to ask whether or not to begin dating again.Pressure from society, even from loving, well-meaning friends and family, often encourages the divorced to begin dating quickly after divorce.We may rarely hear the specifics from the pulpit, especially if we havent been through the process ourselves.There are a few ways a person may be divorced but free to marry.


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