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KEEP AN EYE ON THE WORLD WITH GEOGRAPHICAL The complete digital archive of Geographical, dating back to May 1935, is now available to all subscribing schools and institutions.

Iraqis once had some of the best schools and colleges in the Arab world.Iran's universities are among the most respected in the Middle East.OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Iraq FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Parliamentary democracy CAPITAL: Baghdad POPULATION: 32,585,692 OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: Arabic, Kurdish MONEY: New Iraq dinar AREA: 168,754 square miles (437,072 square kilometers) MAJOR RIVERS: Tigris, Euphrates Iraq is dominated by two famous rivers: the Tigris and the Euphrates.And extensive dam building to produce hydroelectricity has displaced whole villages and towns. Despite the country's tremendous economic growth, the government still maintains strict control over dissidents. "China's Instant Cities." (March 2000), 116-137. National Geographic Atlas of China, National Geographic Society, 2008.Other Resources The Chinese central government's official Web portal An authorized Chinese government website China Daily (the state-run, English-language newspaper) China From the Inside.Its area--3,705,405 square miles (9,596,960 square kilometers)--is the fourth largest, after that of Russia, Canada, and the And its labor force, with 803,300,000 workers, is the world's largest.China also has age on its side, with a rich culture, traditions, and technological advances dating back more than 40 centuries.Learn more of the world around you through insightful features and stunning photography - Gain exclusive access to special offers and competitions you won’t find anywhere else Whether it’s a professional interest you hold or merely a casual curiosity for the world around you, Geographical will doubtless prove informative, enlightening and inspiring.OFFICAL NAME: Republic of Iran FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Islamic republic CAPITAL: Tehran POPULATION: 80,840,713 OFFICAL LANGUAGE: Farsi MONEY: Rial AREA: 636,372 square miles (1,648,105 square kilometers) MAJOR MOUNTAIN RANGES: Elburz, Zagros MAJOR RIVERS: Karun, Karkeh, Zayandeh Iran (pronounced ee-RAHN), formerly known as Persia, is situated at the crossroads of Central Asia, South Asia, and the Arab states of the Middle East.In January 2005, Iraqis voted in the country's first democratic elections in more than 50 years. Its population, 1.3 billion, is the largest in the world.


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