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More of us have huge expectations of ourselves, our lives and everyone in them.

We think the universe resolves around us, with a deluded sense of our own fabulousness, and believe we are cleverer, more talented and more attractive than we actually are. Narcissistic or egotistical women do have an overwhelming sense of entitlement and arrogance.

There is a period when one must endure mostly, if not outright, rejection.

If the man survives this time, he eventually moves into the realm of having more substantial conversations when talking to women.

They’d been sleeping on opposite sides of the house for years, he said, but then he confessed that she recently slipped into his bed at least once, and not just for cuddling.

A new you within reach — Visit AARP Life Reimagined » As crazy as it sounds, I felt like he was cheating on me with his own wife. The next guy I went out with lied about his politics to get a date with me. The online profile of my most recent prevaricator indicated he was 60, but I vetted him and found he was actually 70.

(a=f);var b=i(a);if(CSS&&! Us women are more egocentric and narcissistic than we ever used to be, according to extensive research by two leading psychologists.“The abuse doesn’t explode overnight,” said Andrew Guerrero, who had to leave Utah to get away from an abusive girlfriend.“When I met my girlfriend, I felt in my gut that something was off.My biggest criticism of online dating is this: People lie. When I came across his profile on a site, he had shed eight years.A man I dated a couple of months ago first told me he was separated, but later admitted he was actually still living in the same house with his wife.


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    Some studies found that drinking small quantities of alcohol (up to one standard drink per day for women and one to two drinks per day for men) is associated with a decreased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome and early death.