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Publisher: Type: MMORPG Pv P: Duels / World Pv P / Arena / Guild Wars Release Date: TBA Pros: Detailed character customization.

With a wide range of races, classes, and skills to master, Tera offers a compelling MMORPG experience. Publisher: Arc Games Playerbase: High Type: MMORPG Release Date: June 20, 2013 (NA/EU) Pv P: Arenas Pros: Great voice acting. Publisher: NCsoft Playerbase: High Type: MMORPG Release Date: January 19, 2016 (NA/EU) Pv P: Open World / Arenas / Battlegrounds Pros: Fluid, action-oriented gameplay.

I not have 3D video card and the game run perfectly smoothly.

The bad thing that looks like I am playing it alone.

5Street Key Features: *There are no official system requirements on the game's official U. website, but we did find system requirements on the game's Chinese Wiki page.

The CPU/RAM seems to be understated though, as more ram and CPU power are needed to run modern day operating systems.

The Cafe is set up to look like a classroom complete with an announcement room and a stage. Mblackwell said: You know, on a certain level it would in part be a sortof really nice game for meeting people...

Employees are dressed in school uniforms that match those of the school where the game takes place.

1UP has a story up about a Konami MMO entitled Tokimeki Memorial Online (PC). But I doubt that game will be released outside Japan or Korea. Who says this has to be a substitute for real life dating?

Unlike traditional dancing games like Audition Online, 5Street features a large persistent world where players can dance alone or with each other.

5Street is a rhythm-based dancing MMO inspired by classical rhythm games like Dance Dance revolution and Stepmania.

Meeting potential romantic partners in MMOs is often seen as bad idea.

The case against: the medium is too thin to establish a ‘real’ relationship, there is too high a chance of projection or out-right deception and everyone online is supposed to be playing a role anyway.


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