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The Vagina Monologues is an episodic play written by Eve Ensler which began in 1996 at the Off-Broadway Westside Theatre after a limited run at HERE Arts Center.

The play delves into consensual and nonconsensual sexual experiences, body image, genital mutilation, direct and indirect encounters with reproduction, sex work, and several other topics through the eyes of women with various ages, races, sexualities, etc.

From a new play, "Promedy" by Wade Bradford, this monologue is delivered by the normally bookish Beatrix Holiday, the 17-year old president of the student body. Let’s just say that I like someone who iseasily trainable – someone who will trulyappreciate me. But hey, I’ll take an ego boost wherever I can get it. More » CONTEXT: This comedic female monologue is delivered by an outgoing woman named Roxy. More » CONTEXT: "Curse of the Pharaoh's Kiss" written by Wade Bradford is a full-length comedy set in 1930s Egypt. Ah, it’s just as I feared, a sound this old galhas heard all too often, knows all too well, infact. WITCH: So, looks like everyone is having a marveloustime.

After her "ex-friend" deviously cancels the prom, Beatrix decides to find a way to bring back the end of the year dance. It’s a rite of passage as sacred as getting your driver’s license or buying your first bra. Most of the time Grandmaand I don’t get to see folks much, but we go into town... More » CONTEXT: In this comedic female monologue, Neverland’s 911 operator deals with some wildly imaginative “emergency situations.”OPERATOR: Neverland 911, what’s the emergency? Her boyfriend is a roller-coaster fanatic, and also a bit immature. It is a comic homage to the Mummy movies and adventures serials of Hollywood's golden age. Ain’t nothing quite like the lonesome wishof a young, helpless heart.

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Not one single question about me or my interests, no eye contact. I think it is mainly with men who are nervous, trying too hard and/or see someone like you or me who will listen, nod and smile.

To help with your performance, learn how to prepare and perform a monologue for drama class. Well, if he’s limpingon a pegleg then it’s probably Long John Silver, butif he has a hook then it’s probably Captain—-oh--He’s got a hook and a peg-leg? Fortunately, his friend and rival Beatrix talks some sense into him. I’ve watched you do this all your life, from kindergarten to the twelth grade. VICKY: I’m the kind of girl who takes pity on poorpathetic geeks who have never kissed a girl. GODMOTHER: (Southern Dialect.)Now what’s that sound creeping into my old ears? I washed the rhubarb I had been hiding at the bottom of the fridge as a surprise. More » CONTEXT: In this very silly spoof of fairy-tales a bitter Wicked Witch curses the soon-to-be Sleeping Beauty.

The play has been staged internationally, and a television version featuring Ensler was produced by cable TV channel HBO.

In 1998, Ensler and others, including Willa Shalit, a producer of the Westside Theatre production, launched V-Day, a global non-profit movement that has raised over Born in May 1953, Ensler was raised in the Jewish-Christian home with two other siblings.

Your nervous and scared and would love to just turn around and go home.˜But then again? Well, here I am, (sits in car for a while) I guess I should go up to the door now. right I forgot about the seatbelt (unbuckles seatbelt and goes out car door) Here I go (starts walking forwards, turns around in alarm) OH NO I FORGOT TO PARK MY CAR!!!!

(Runs to car jumps dramatically inside and parks) Whew (wipes hand on forehead and looks at hand in alarm seeing sweat) Oh crap I?


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