Dating the books of the new testament

Before we can talk about what the New Testament says, we have to justify that what it says can be trusted.

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The same thing happens in the academic community as to when the New Testament books were written. I do grant permission for a link to this page if proper credit is given.Internal evidence might consist of the style of writing and mentions of people or places who can be more precisely dated.For example, while the book of Ruth is set during the time of the judges, scholars place the literary style as that of the time of the Israelite monarchy—the Kings—based on other writings more accurately dated to that time.That is not how the apostles and their churches used the term! I'm going to list the various subjects concerning the history of the Bible—some related, some not related—in bullet points with links to more complete explanations further down the page.One of the great blessings of the modern age is the availability of the Bible and other books, as well as widespread literacy.Question: "How do we know when the books of the Bible were written?" Answer: We have a few basic ways of knowing when the individual books of the Bible were written: a combination of internal and external evidence and, particularly in the Old Testament, traditional accounts.The date of that return, which began under Cyrus the Great, can be correlated to historical records outside the Bible that place his reign from approximately 559 to 530 B. The dedication of the new temple in Jerusalem, in 516 B.C., is corroborated by the records of Darius I, and a second return of exiles was allowed under Artaxerxes I, whom we know ruled Babylon from 465 to 424 B. All these things help us to closely place the writings of those particular books of the Old Testament.One of our friends provides help reading for those with learning disabilities, like Asperger's, Dyslexia, Autism, and ADD/ADHD.Canon literally means "rule," and in the history of the Bible it is used to refer to the list of books that are accepted by a church as Scripture.


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