Dirty facetime chats

With an array of backgrounds to choose from, users are able to customize and create their own setting.

So instead of sitting on your bed surrounded by the mess that you live in and dirty laundry you didn’t have time to watch, you can be in the desert at dusk or in a tree in the jungle.

” He ended up asking me to send him noise canceling headphones. If I were constantly happy my husband would be all, “What’s going on? Sometimes he’d have the TV on and he’d glance over when I was trying to talk to him.

I’d be all, “Um, hello, wife is trying to talk here,” and he’d be all, “Mmmmhmmm,” while watching the screen.

What the heck could those two have been talking about? When my husband was deployed, being able to Face Time him helped a lot.We would try to chat on a daily basis but obviously if he had to go out on a mission, it didn’t always happen.There is only so much you can do to be in the right place at the right time, but life doesn’t follow the rules of time or individual agendas.Sometimes it doesn’t even matter that you ironed your shirt or went out of your way to make sure your tie matches, when the open window behind you completely washes you out.It was precious time when I could pull out our army toys for kids and they could really feeling like they were Odds are, your conversation is being monitored. Telling your man everything you want to do to him when he returns might get awkward if someone is listening. ……because if someone isn’t monitoring your conversation, your husband probably has a roommate and HE can hear.My husband once said that he had a roommate whose wife always spoke dirty to him and Tom would overhear and be like, “Dude, come on! Please don’t turn into one of those real housewives with the plastic faces.” Being you is always best, even if that includes a tear or a gripe from time to time. Honestly, it would be my HUSBAND who would get distracted.In any case, it must have been one funny conversation for them—and adorable for us! If the i Phone microphone not working, a lot of important phone activities will be disturbed.Press the Home button a bit longer until Siri shows up. If Siri doesn’t answer your request or question correctly, try again with a louder voice.Use Camera app or Face Time You can also use the video feature on Camera app or Face Time to record the audio. Then, record your voice and playback to check if you can hear your voice clearly or not.


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