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The results were published in the current issue of the .

Meeting online has become an increasingly common way to find a partner, with opportunities arising through social networks, exchanges of email, instant messages, multi-player games, and virtual worlds, in which people “live” on the site through avatars.

But none of this news means you should automatically delete your accounts—researchers say the more time couples spend with each other, the more they'll get to know the other person and develop trust, which can up any couples' odds of staying together in the long run.

And the truth is, people are finding love in different ways than they did is year’s past. According to recent estimates – and we think they are pretty credible – one in eight couples who got married last year met online. You will be astounded by the number of services available on-line. Judging which dating services would be okay for you is not a simple thing to do. While there are many good ones, we have found the insights provided at be particularly compelling. Are you, out of some level of desperation, willing to choose an alternative route to find your true love?

The fact still remains that the majority of relationships and marriages still originate offline.

According to Pew Reseach 5% of Americans who are in a marriage or committed relationship say that they met their significant other online.

Although the study did not determine why relationships that started online were more successful, the reasons may include the strong motivations of online daters, the availability of advance screening, and the sheer volume of opportunities online.

The number of people who do in comparison to those who find love through traditional offline methods is very small. But it is not just never-married Millennials who are using online dating: 31% of never-married adults ages 35 and older have used an online dating site or mobile app, similar to the share (29%) of never-married 18- to 34-year-olds who have done so.” – Monica Anderson from ‘The Never-Been Married Are The Biggest Users of Online Dating’ Keep in mind when you are setting up your online dating profile to be as honest and authentic as possible.

This refrain is from a very famous Peter, Paul, and Mary song. Try this experiment – Google “online dating” or some similarly related notion.

So here is the important question – is it appropriate and safe to meet online? First, there are lots of on-line dating services on the Internet.

Your answer to this question depends more on you and your interests, personality, and desires, than it does on anything else. The point is, you have to discover for yourself why online dating is FOR YOU and is preferable to other means. The simple truth is, the jury is still out when it comes to online dating, especially as it relates to marriage.

And frankly, since the phenomenon of online dating is too new to determine it’s efficacy – its success rate as a means to marriage is still without a bonafide research base.


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