Error message error validating application type oauthexception

Any chance you can look at restoring 309852345803454.

We're working on restoring the set of apps that were accidentally disabled. (As people have pointed on the thread.)Sorry about this. I lost 4 apps but this is the most important one as it's integrated with an i OS app in the app store so I can't just create a new app and carry on as I've done for the other apps.

If you have ‘Friends’ then it’s not a page or a group, it’s a personal profile.

Solution: Due to Facebook’s privacy policy you’re not able to use the plugin to display all of your posts from a personal profile, only from a public page or group, as posts from a personal profile are protected for privacy reasons.

An instruction for setup an Facebook app would be greatful.truls1502 you have use Facebook Page ID as [FB_APP_ID] instead your own App ID (API Key) in

client_id=[FB_APP_ID]&redirect_uri=[ Note : For [FB_APP_ID] do not use Facebook Page ID but App ID (API Key) instead.


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