Excel usedrange not updating

using Though this page is mainly oriented to XL95, it appears my Last Cell problems XL95 have been fixed or almost eliminated with maintenance. Excel XL95 comes with Win NT 4.0 and with SP4 applied, I believe I no longer have any lastcell problems. If you have formats etc after the lastcell and want to clear them out use the full macro listed for XL95 below and include the line in the above macro as the last line in the larger XL95 one. In any case with XL97 and up you do not need to do a File Save mentioned in Q134617 as long as you include the Used Range. You will probably want both macros so you can choose which you want to use. Excel 97, Excel 2000 and later users Reset All Lastcells in the Active Workbook. Some macro coding material snippets will remain but you may want to skip over them with the above link. Automatically Resetting the Last Cell in Excel 97, Tip 73, John Walkenbach. HELP -- Reset All Lastcells in the Active Workbook] The Last Cell is at the intersection of the last used row and the last used column. Select 'Place the cursor on the cell below the last entry in column A cells(rows.count,1). I put the Stop in there so I could check the Locals Window.It filled from the first Area of the range, then stopped.Regards Michael M --------------------------------------- The more I learn, the less I seem to know..... It's easier to debug if we can see the whole macro !Home 2007 & 2013 Regards Michael M --------------------------------------- The more I learn, the less I seem to know..... It's easier to debug if we can see the whole macro !

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In this article you are going to learn, How can we send email from Excel on a Scheduled date and Time automatically without any manual intervention.

The Excel Template which I have prepared looks like this: Follow the below Steps to Set up this Macro in your System: Step 1. To know How to Schedule a Task in Windows Read this article.

Note: In the Slide Number 11, of the previous article, You need to give the Complete path of your Workbook where it is saved If the Path is not correct then this Scheduler will not run and through Error.

Clicking on Macros in Figure 1 will open the below window.

Type the name of Macro as “Compare” or a name of your choice and click on Create button.


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