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You get 720p footage with a 100-degree field of view – barring any hidden design flaws, this should give you sharp and wide coverage.There’s also an IR night vision mode for low-light conditions, effective up to eight metres. This gives you motion-triggered alerts while you’re out and about, along with a live feed.This integration means you can watch yourself once the Great British Bake Off is over, or more usefully, watch the cats in the other room.The Humax Eye costs £129 and will begin shipping on August 30.

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) Do you have questions about Windows 10 compatibility with Hauppauge products?

None of the channels that require a Sky viewing card or pay TV work.

A Sky box (with or even without a subscription) can receive all the Freesat and Mr.

There's no on-board storage, but the camera connects to Wi-Fi and the Y-Cam service gives you seven days of rolling cloud storage, with no fees or subscriptions.

However, the most exciting thing about the Eye – and as far as we can tell, all that differentiates it from the Evo – is its compatibility with select Humax set-top boxes: the FVP-400T, HDR-1100S and HB-1000S.


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