Hebrew word for dating

We must ask ourselves why Moses was using the words he did, and not other words.

What is the meaning he was trying to communicate to his original audience and to us, as well?

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Does anybody know where I can find Hebrew caligraphy for the word equivalent for the word "change"?

Therefore, let us attempt, honestly, to examine the evidence from Scripture.

The communication of language is through words and their use.

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These three letters actually are broken down into two parts: a two letter base or root, , and the first letter, , which is a modifier.

The Hebrew word for “day” is the word “Yom.” Young earth creationists have always argued that the word used for the days of creation can only mean a 24-hour day.

In this article, we will examine the uses of Yom in the Old Testament, and show that it can mean a wide variety of time periods.

The French language, one of the poorest modern languages in vocabulary and the language of choice for diplomats, has just about 40,000 words or over 4 times the amount of words that Ancient Hebrew has. the period of light (as contrasted with the period of darkness), 2. In I Kings , it says "And the to come for ever and ever." In this case, Yom is equal to "forever." How long is forever?

An infinite number of years...billions upon billions upon billons of years.


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