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Then he admitted that he had other worries – financial ones.

He said his hospital appointments and the worry of his illness had led him to neglect his business.

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There was a definite novelty in seeing Nick Fury and SHIELD provide security for the big day, while everyone from the X-Men to the Avengers attended.Gerry Duggan on Why Deadpool is Getting Married In honor of Wade Wilson's impending nuptials, we've decided to look back at some of the other memorable superhero weddings from the past several decades.The following are the best and worst weddings in mainstream comics.Be sure to let us know your favorite (or least favorite) superhero weddings by posting in the comments section. 1 Annual #3 (1965) This is the superhero wedding that set the standard for all ceremonies to follow.It featured the now-obligatory guest appearances by many other Marvel heroes, as well as the trope that an opportunistic villain tries their best to ruin the festivities.Par baat jitni seedhi dikhti hai utni hoti nahi balki karte time utni hi pehchida ho sakti hai.Maan lijiye ek Aadmi aur ek Aurat sex karna chahte hai par unhe ye nahi pata ki vo Sex karna shuru kaise kare saath hi sath konsi cheez kab aur kaise kare ki Sex ka maximum anand mile. Ek aisi cheez hai jo kisi ke bhi chahre par Muskan la de.Sex karne me hamesha hi ek behatreen maja hota hai aur ye behad santoshjanak (संतोषजनक) feeling deta hai.We judge not just by the wedding issue itself, but the impact it had on the characters and their ongoing relationship.Marriage is a common thing in comics, but it rarely ever stands the test of time.


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