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because this very same thing USED TO happen to me several *hundred* times… Well fortunately, in a moment I’ll reveal how you can overcome the dreaded “Let’s talk on IM” test. If all that wasn’t bad enough…After telling her your whole life story via IM over the course of 84, 1 hour chats, not only does she know everything about you, but you’ve removed all the mystery and as a result she won’t meet you, or if she does, the first meetings don’t go to well and you never see them again. What amazes me is guys turn internet dating, which is supposed to be a time saver, into a huge time waster. a rules girl)– She might be testing you If a woman isn’t really that interested in you do you REALLY want her? Back in the day we’d call this “ONEITIS” and this was a sure sign of the guy being an AFC (average frustrated chump). If a woman doesn’t meet your criteria, forget about it.

Whats interesting is that 99% of the time, it’s the women who want to chat vs. You’ll NEVER hear a guy want to chat on IM, we usually want to move things to the phone. Most guys fall flat on their faces and fail this one miserably. This might be something you are having issues dealing with RIGHT NOW and not know how to overcome it. Now let’s think for a moment about what could be going on here when she does the IM thing:– She might not really THAT interested– She might not be flexible… There are tens of MILLIONS of single, attractive and available women out there, who are LOOKING for a guy like you. If she’s not flexible, why would you want to be with her?

Insider Internet Dating™ is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Ask Money Back Guarantee.

If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Insider Internet Dating™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

Ok, so lemme give you a quick “heads up” on the woman I was emailing with… Hey, let’s be honest here: I know you’re kinda lazy. So I got an idea, maybe we can work this thing out… Just copy and paste it into whatever magical dating site you use and hit send.

Why on earth would a dating site want someone to create 500 fake singles profiles? Maybe to ‘pad’ their site with fake profiles to make it APPEAR like there are a lot more women active on the site than there really are? Ask good questions, have fun and thanks for adding to the conversation!So…Since I actually go out and “field test” all this stuff in the REAL WORLD, I’m going to tell you that there’s one “body language move to avoid” they talk about that actually works AMAZINGLY well…… (most guys don’t)In the article, they say stroking your chin is considered a “negative” body language move, I say it works like CRAZY to attract women.Here’s how: When I’m out with a woman I’m meeting from a dating site for the first time, my mindset is…With thousands of dating sites to chose from, the competition between dating sites to get new customers is fierce.So fierce, some sites resort to some pretty lame (and underhanded) tactics to get you to part with your money. You just signed up for [INSERT DATING SITE HERE] about 2 weeks ago and so far have received 2 mail messages, both from pretty attractive women and they both contained very similar messages. Im serious about meeting for some drinks or a date guys. Judge ordered to own up, give refunds A company owning a network of dating websites was sued because they defrauded men using fake profiles.and one “problem scenario” just keeps coming up OVER AND OVER… When you do call her, more than likely, she’s going to be VERY interested in talking to you (instead of the other clowns that are messaging her) because she knows she’s talking to a wuss. You conveyed confidence which is the #1 thing which attracts women. and OVER and OVER and OVER again……and it really amazes me. Nothing speaks for Insider Internet Dating better than success stories from our very own students. and they're a few of many, many emails just like it that I get all the time. Therefore I cannot promise you’ll experience the same results – yours may be worse, better or the same. I followed the system and I've gone out on a date every night I've had free and I hooked up with all of them except for 2. lol)I have to shut my profile off for periods of time because I can't keep up with all the responses. I tell every guy I know to try this program because it works. Please note that results will vary and everyone is different, especially when it comes to their willingness to implement what I teach.One of the things I did to become better with women is to not only learn as much as possible, but to also then go out and try as many things as possible, because you never know whats gonna work.I would devour anything I could get my hands on (which in the early days, wasn’t much), then I would go out and USE the stuff I learned to see if it worked.


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