Interracial dating among college students

The Chinese were further alleged to be "coolies" and were said to be not suitable for becoming independent thoughtful voters because of their control by tongs.The same negative reception hit the Asians who migrated to Mexico and Canada.

You can also read the detailed description of the methodology and terminology used to create the statistics.

However, respondents with Jewish fathers and mothers remain significantly more likely to have interracially dated than those with Protestant fathers and mothers.

Moreover, region moderates the effect of childhood religious service attendance such that respondents who more frequently attended religious services at age 12 and reside in non-Western regions, and particularly within the South, are less likely to have interracially dated.

Chinese Americans are the oldest and largest ethnic group of Asian ancestry in the United States.

They have endured a long history of migration and settlement that dates back to the late 1840s, including some 60 years of legal exclusion.


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