Interracial dating in hollywood

From Oscar-winning actors, to rock and roll icons, and even up-and-coming stars, there are several notable white men married to black women in Hollywood.A picture perfect example of one of these interracial celebrity couples is David Bowie and Iman.But it’s the full-on love affair (sex scenes included) that deserves a closer look, most notably for the fact that race isn’t mentioned once in the movie–Nicky and Jess’s romance is colorblind.“The Hollywood portrayal of interracial relationships is so rare and when it does happen it’s usually in such a minor way or there is some negative consequence,” Ramoutar says.“Film is a form of cultural transmission–what we consider to be beautiful, what we consider to be successful, those are all things that are transmitted through film and we’re transmitting that message to the next generation of people.”A 2013 Gallup Poll found 87% of Americans say they’re in favor of black and white marriages.We can only hope that Halle Berry has this much luck with her soon-to-be hubby (who cares if it’s not official) Oliver Martinez.Aisha Tyler and Jeff Tietjens Aisha Tyler married her husband, attorney Jeff Tietjens in 1992, and they have been going strong ever since.You could say that Smith has also already bridged the gap between black and white audiences.As one of Hollywood’s most bankable actors, Smith has starred in some of the biggest blockbusters that have been marketed and watched on a universal level–no one would call the .

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While opponents of interracial marriage today often say that such marriages are doomed, a number of longtime Hollywood couples consist of interracial duos.

Black love is wonderful, but so is all types of love.

In this edition of couples we love, we highlight four of our favorite Hollywood interracial couples, who’ve stood the test of time.

When Diana, a White lesbian, comes into the store, sparks fly.

The unlikely pair (Cheryl admits that Diana is not her usual type) link up as things get quite serious. Ned Nelson (Jeremy Renner) is a hate-spewing skinhead being held in a mental facility.


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