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Typically, English spellings of German loanwords suppress any umlauts (the superscript, double-dot diacritic in Ä, Ö, Ü, ä, ö and ü) of the original word or replace the umlaut letters with Ae, Oe, Ue, ae, oe, ue, respectively (as is done commonly in German speaking countries when the umlaut is not available; the origin of the umlaut was a superscript E).German words have been incorporated into English usage for many reasons: As languages, English and German descend from the common ancestor language West Germanic and further back to Proto-Germanic; because of this, some English words are essentially identical to their German lexical counterparts, either in spelling (Hand, Sand, Finger) or pronunciation ("fish" = Fisch, "mouse" = Maus), or both (Arm, Ring); these are excluded from this list.It is distinguished from a calque, or loan translation, where a meaning or idiom from another language is translated into existing words or roots of the host language.Some of the expressions are relatively common (e.g. In many cases the loanword has assumed a meaning substantially different from its German forebear.Only in Germany would such an everyday object have so many syllables.It’s like they just have so much time to spend speaking, why rush? In English we generally go by one title such as “Mister” or “Doctor” or “Captain”.

Knowing idioms and important phrases will set you apart from the crowd of other language learners, and you’ll stand out as someone who has clearly worked to delve deeper into the language and discover its idiosyncrasies. Here are a few examples of when you’ll find yourself in make-or-break situations thanks to these common German phrases: 1. Shouting the wrong phrase for “excuse me” on a crowded subway car will immediately mark you as a tourist or a foreigner.Since everyday phrases are so commonly used, learning them will immediately increase your German know-how and make daily life that much easier. Idioms can be difficult to understand if you don’t already know them.As stated above, idioms often make no sense when translated directly into another language.About how I’m everything that’s wrong with America, how I’m ignorant and narrow-minded, and how I clearly don’t travel enough, because if I did, I would be able to appreciate the beauty of other languages, instead of laughing at funny-sounding words like a moron. German words are inadvertently really, really funny. And believe me, I realize that there are just as many English words and “Americanisms” that sound ridiculous to native speakers of other languages, too. Just like ————— Haarschmuckfachgeschäft What it really means: Haarschmuck is ornaments for your hair (makes sense, when you see the above definition of schmuck). So Haarschmuckfachgeschäft is a specialty shop that sells hair ornaments. And I wouldn’t blame anyone for laughing at those either. Please consider this the next time you can’t find a babysitter and really want to see a low-budget action flick. He or she may even grow up to be an unemployed travel blogger!There was only one part of the movie that I had trouble with: it’s when Mr.It wasn’t until my brother very gently leaned over to me and delicately whispered something in my ear that I was able to regain some composure. Which is probably why I find Germany – and German words – so damn hilarious. I realize I’m going to get a whole heap of mail about this. Not only is it the least romantic language of them all (“I love you” in German sounds more like “I will hit you with shovel”) but it sounds great in a deep voice (think Rammstein) and almost everything sounds vaguely sexual (think Rammstein), particularly if you say it with a slight smile.It is the only language to capitalise every noun, which not only wears out Shift keys faster but is deliciously ironic given German people’s reputation for efficiency.


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