Is john edwards dating rielle hunter

Rielle Hunter, the woman who had an illegitimate child with John Edwards, has said she has finally 'forgiven herself' for the affair that scandalized the country as she revealed that the pair only broke up last year.In the interview, she also admitted her 'selfish' behavior during the torrid love affair nine-years ago meant she never gave a second thought to Edwards' late wife, Elizabeth, but now understands how wrong she was and 'truly never meant to hurt anybody'.He'll take care of their daughter, but he's through putting up with her shenanigans,' the National Enquirer reported.The first is Ms King, who works at Duke University's Cancer Care Research Program as a clinical coordinator.John Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter breathlessly recalled how the former senator dominated her in the sack during their first steamy tryst — calling it the “most extraordinary night of my life” in her new tell-all tome.“And then a moment came while we were talking when something in my heart clicked and I surrendered.

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Moving on: Rielle is reportedly depressed over the fact that John has started dating someone else, while he just wants to start fresh with his legal scandal behind him and his new law firm up and running Placing blame: Edwards is apparently angry over her decision to release a tell-all memoir about their affair- and even though she put out a revised edition where she apologized, he fears she will write another 'John cruelly told her he was done with her and that she needed to find another sucker to leach off.Of course, John wasn’t happy when Rielle, 49, wrote a tell-all book about their headline-spawning affair.So even though the two have a child together, John has chosen to move on with 35-year-old Danielle King, who has a son of her own.After years and years of notoriety as the biggest political mistress since Monica Lewinsky, Rielle Hunter apologized this week for her affair with John Edwards. "Infidelity is wrong." When Cate Edwards learned that her father, former presidential candidate John Edwards, was cheating on her mother, Elizabeth, she was crushed.The 31-year-old daughter of the disgraced former U. senator adds that he personally admitted to her that he had had an affair with Rielle Hunter.Hunter also blasted Edwards’ marriage to Elizabeth, who was suffering from breast cancer as her husband cheated on her Excerpts released earlier this week showed how much Hunter despised Elizabeth, who died in December 2010.She described “Johnny’s” wife as a “witch on wheels,” “crazy” and “venomous.” The cringe-worthy details in her memoir — which had been rejected by major book publishers — comes just two weeks after Edwards was acquitted of charges that he subverted campaign finance laws to hide the affair. She and her son Austin have become close with Edwards' children Jack and Emma Claire, who he lives with in North Carolina.Money may not be a problem for the former presidential candidate, but it remains an issue for his former mistress, as Rielle says that no one will hire her and she has trouble getting by on the ,000-per-month payments he makes to her to pay for their daughter Quinn's expenses.There was a lot of talk, a lot of laughter and zero sleep.” RELATED: More book excerpts at [pullquote] The disgraced senator — who once called Hunter, his baby mama, a “crazy slut” — would have long, romantic talks with her on the phone as he traveled. He said he found me to be so refreshing and couldn’t believe how easy I was to talk to,” wrote Hunter.


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