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(AP Photo/The Denver Post, Karl Gehring) TV, INTERNET AND MAGAZINES CALL FOR RATES AND TERMS less A Federal Bureau of Investigation forensics expert mades notes on a gas mask labeled as the first piece of evidence in a criminal investigation at the parking lot behind the Century 16 movie after a shooting at ...more Investigators remove computer equipment as evidence from the apartment of alleged gunman James Holmes, Saturday, July 21, 2012 in Aurora, Colo.The profile also has the same tagline from James' profile -- "Will you visit me in prison? " Diana says she informed of the profile and they said they'd take it down, which Diana says they did minutes later. Holmes' profile included:-- Favorite movies: "Too many good movies to have a favorite, maybe Dumb and Dumber, Hachiko, Star Wars, etc."-- Favorite book: Where's Waldo? "-- Political views: Middle of the road-- Faith: Agnostic-- "I spend a lot of time thinking about the future. A gas mask was marked as the first piece of evidence in a criminal investigation outside the parking lot behind the Century 16 movie after a shooting at the theatre Friday, July 20,2012.

According to her, Holmes often made flat jokes that made other people feel uncomfortable and expressed his desire to kill people.

The biggest online purchase of ammunition involved 4,325 rounds from a dealer in Georgia.

The in-person purchase of chemicals presumable used for booby traps in the apartment was from The Science Company in Denver.

-- "You should message me if you're interested, obviously.

According to the judge's summary of the arguments, Holmes' created the account in April 2012 and the Adult Friend account just 15 days before the shooting on July 20.


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