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Blockchain is poised to do for transactions what the Internet did for information.

By reading on your own and then handling examples of these fine guns you will learn faster and have a much clearer understanding of these guns and their many variations.

I would appreciate any better or updated information, additional noted variations, corrections or just general comments regarding these articles.

These guns had a 5-1/2 inch barrel, a steel cylinder frame, three cylinder frame screws, fixed drift adjustable rear sight, fluted .22 caliber cylinder ( long rifle, long, or short ), flat cartridge loading gate, small serrated ejector rod button, alloy Colt-style XR3These early production guns are known today as Flatgates.

Early on in the Single-Six production, stag and ivory grip panels with the Ruger Black Eagle logo could be purchased from the factory for .50 and .50, respectively.

If the pair ever got together, they'd definitely have a lot of happy fans.

The standard Single-Six with dual cylinders (without the Magnum marking on the cylinder frame which will be covered in a separate series on the Magnum Only Single-Sixes) began to appear around 1961 in the 4-5/8, 5-1/2, and 9-1/2 inch barrel lengths.

I head up Firefox marketing, but I use Chrome every day. There are multiple things that bug me about the Chrome product, for sure, but I‘m OK with Chrome. […] But talking to friends, it sounds more and more like living on Chrome has started to feel like their only option. In my original post I made a personal dig about Edge, IE and Safari: “Edge is broken.

Safari and Internet Explorer are just plain bad.” I’ve since deleted that sentence.

The ivory grips were dropped from the catalogs about 1958 and the stags were dropped when the grip fame was redesigned in 1962.

The original flat cartridge loading gate was changed to a contour or round Colt-style gate in early 1957.


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