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I’ll let you know some good news soon.” He also recently posted, “I completely love [you]!! un Jin (28 turning 29) debuted as a singer-rapper in Korea’s longest-running boy band in 1998.

He went on to pursue acting as well as a solo singing career.

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Following the marriages of Park Myung Soo and Yoo Jae Suk last year and the relationship revelations of Jung Joon Ha, Jung Hyung Don, and Noh Hong Chul in the first half of 2009, Jun Jin was thought to be the only single member of Infinity Challenge.; 19 August 1980) is a South Korean singer, actor and entertainer, known as a member and rapper of six-member boy band Shinhwa.He debuted as a dancer and rapper in Shinhwa in 1998 but started singing small parts in 2002; the release of Shinhwa's 5th album.Jun Jin was born out of wedlock and due to strong opposition from his maternal family, Jun Jin’s mother and father split, leaving Jun Jin to grow up in the hands of his grandmother.His father remarried, but the two divorced during Jun Jin's teenage years.A source revealed, Park Joo Hyun debuted this year with SPICA.As her senior, Jun Jin often gave her serious advice which allowed them to build trust in each other” and “Jun Jin’s Kakao avatar has been a couple shot between the two for quite some time now.” Both parties didn’t deny the fact that they were dating.He is a popular guest on many variety programs and replaced Haha on Infinity Challenge in June 2008.Lee Si Young (27), on the other hand, is a relatively late newcomer to the entertainment industry.However, he revealed on the episode to be broadcast on June 20 that he is also dating someone – who happens to be his former We Got Married partner, Lee Si Young.The news comes as a surprise to many who watched as Jun Jin and Lee Si Young met and clashed on the reality program. The two then appeared as lovers in the MV for Beige’s recent title track, “Awfully“, which was seen as a “Hey Ya! There have been other hints leading up to this revelation.


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