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His father, Brian is a civil engineer and his mother Suzanne is a documentary filmmaker. Acting was never his pursuit but on the invite of his friend he auditioned for the extras cast of the flick Josie and the Pussycats.

After that actin fever stuck him and decided to make a career in it.

Her date of birth provided by various means of media is 9th February 1980 and her place of birth is Soviet Union, which makes her a Russian-American.

She was a gymnast and a competitive one before she joined the industry to star in various movies and TV shows.

She finished her high school from Secaucus, New Jersey.

Later on, she moved to New York University and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Prior to that, he had guest appearances on several television shows including Taken, Lost, and Orphan Black.

In 2016, Chatwin starred in the CBS summer mystery series American Gothic and in the Christmas 2016 episode of the BBC UK television series Doctor Who, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio", in which he played the character of Grant, loosely based upon Superman/Clark Kent.

When he was In Canada, he had great interest in snowboarding.Her mom, twin brother, and Margarita moved to the United States illegally when she was only 11.Margarita Levieva started the training of a competitive rhythmic gymnast at the age of 3.There has been no further info available through any of the media sources about her getting married someone to be her happily wedded husband.But there is some info available on various celebrity sites about her previously having an affair Justin Chatwin as her boyfriend, which later on just turned out to be hoax.There is no news of her having children and neither has there been any info of her having a divorce / breaking up with his current partner.There are many pictures of her available on various celebrity sites taken on and off the set.He did not initially want to be an actor, but a friend invited Chatwin to audition as an extra for the movie Josie and the Pussycats.He enjoyed the experience and ended up playing a fan.As there are pictures and photographs of her in a sexy bikini to a very elegant and beautiful dress.Justin Chatwin (born October 31, 1982) is a Canadian actor.


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