Lack of communication when dating

This is particularly glaring when romantic situations develop between people.After the flow of the non-verbal communication dims, one or both people take it as a signal for the end.However, lack of communication in a relationship could contribute to some negative effects to those involved, due to several causes/effect.The causes could be many: an inability to communicate; not being in touch with one's own feelings; feeling too vulnerable or ashamed to express one's feelings (afraid of giving another that power over them), etc.So, it may be possible to find Dirty Dozen lists for pilots, ramp workers, air traffic controllers and cabin crew.The original list, developed for aircraft maintenance, is available in many documents, one good example is TC14175 The Dirty Dozen is also used to refer to a poster campaign, developed by the Maintenance And Ramp Safety Society (MARSS) in support of the original Transport Canada training programme. Whilst The Dirty Dozen list of human factors has increased awareness of how humans can contribute towards accidents and incidents, the aim of the concept was to focus attention and resources towards reducing and capturing human error.Therefore, for each element on The Dirty Dozen list there are examples of typical countermeasures designed to reduce the possibility of any human error from causing a problem.

This means that there are days when my energy is low and I only have so much to go around.Each person's self-esteem might diminish because of it. I wrote this little blog the other day and I saw a few Facebook commenters respond that not texting or calling someone back immediately is selfish and, essentially, rude. In other words, texting and making phone calls are not on my highest list of priorities. I’ve moved around a little bit and I’ve had the good fortune to meet some genuinely wonderful people wherever I’ve been.When there is lack of communication, a psychological block builds between the persons involved.It can ruin the flow of positive reaffirmations between two individuals and hamper the growth of relationship.The emotions need to be verbalised for the romantic situation to reach its suitable end, even if it is an affirmation of platonic relationship from henceforth.In any relationship that involves two or more people, communication is most essential in determining the success of that relationship.And that doesn’t mean your phone call was not important to me. But I didn’t have my phone in my pocket, or even in the same room, while I was reading to my daughter or eating lunch with her.I didn’t have my phone close at hand when I was writing either.It has since become a cornerstone of Human Factors in Maintenance training courses worldwide, as exemplified in UKCAA CAP715 lists over 300 human error precursors.However, since 1993 all areas of the aviation industry, not just aircraft maintenance, have found the Dirty Dozen a useful introduction to open discussions into human error in their businesses, organisations and workplaces.


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