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After moving in with her real mom, Laura had some trouble adjusting to being away from Barbara.Lesley would then take her back to the Vinings but she couldn't forget her. He'd help her come to terms with the fact the Lesley loved her just as much as Barbara.The street in front of her home was being torn up for repaving and her body could have easily been buried in one of the deep ditches, only to be covered with dirt and asphalt the next day. The next morning, Lonnie and Lisa's third roommate, another stewardess, returned home at am and found the door unlocked, which was very odd. Joni had gone to sleep in her basement room of a big house which several young people rented together.

While she was dating Scott, an old "friend" of Rick's named David Hamilton was busy trying to seduce Lesley in revenge as David's late wife had apparently always been in love with Rick.

Man toy, lover boy, come over here and bring me joy Man toy, lover boy What's a big boy like you afraid?

Swore we wouldn't commit But baby, we're a perfect fit People look at me confused when I lovingly Refer to you as my Man toy, lover boy, sweetheart that brings me joy Better half, sweetie pie Yes, I'm still seein' that same guy No labels, no fuss, livin' in the now for us Or can I call you my boyfriend?

He was recaptured but escaped again, in December 1977, from the Garfield County Jail in Colorado.

He was placed on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" list and was subsequently arrested, using an alias, by the local authorities in Florida for a stolen car violation in February 1978.


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