Marie digby dating

Hundreds of low-paid female council workers have missed out on as much as £10,000 after the GMB agreed a settlement on historic equal pay claims vastly inferior to that negotiated by other trade unions and legal firms.

In an interview with “Showbiz News Ngayon” on Thursday, Milby clarified that while he really went out with Manzano, it was just a friendly date since they were also with their common group of friends.

“For me, I’ve already said before, isa siya sa mga pinakamabait na taong nakilala ko.

I don’t see why anyone could say anything bad about her. I’m enjoying that we’re getting to know each other.” While his former girlfriend, Anne Curtis, is now reportedly dating a model, the actor reiterated that he has already moved on even before he met Digby.

DM Legal, which has represented many of North Lanarkshire Council’s employees, said it had been approached by members of the GMB now seeking legal recourse for the settlements.

Donna-Marie Gray, who set up the legal firm, said: "The GMB had a roadshow offering people disgraceful settlement amounts.


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