Natalia vodianova dating antoine arnault

“I have been separated from my ex-wife for 6 years and it was 9 years ago that she first asked me for divorce. I thought she was embarrassed of me and I was fast becoming an old Louis Vuitton handbag,” he posted. Life was the happiest I had ever known,” wrote Portman, whose family owns more than 100 acres of real estate in central London. He reveals the demise of his marriage was in part over his drinking. “[I] voluntarily admitted myself into a 28-day rehabilitation centre. Now she lives in an elegant Haussmann building in the center of Paris, in an apartment she rents with her partner of the last three years. After we had a laugh about that, Natalia apologized for the “weird electric sound.” No, it wasn’t Antoine whipping up a kale-and-spinach smoothie. She was pumping for Maxim, her and Antoine’s first child, who was born this past May.Vodianova is founder of the Naked Heart Foundation, a philanthropic organisation.But while some of these heirs have become famous in their own rights as models and business men, others have have stayed out of the spotlight, focusing on charity or private work.

Instead, as Ingrid Sischy discovers, Vodianova’s past is a source of strength, passion, and purpose.‘Natalia does not tell you her story the way an American would,” says Bruce Weber, the photographer. With Natalia: it happened, it’s simple, and that’s the way it is.Find a few bits from her interview below, and read the full story HERE. “We had a drink on his terrace with a view of Paris and it was completely ridiculous. I knew that seeing him in jeans, like a casual, normal guy, I liked him. I’m not the kind of girl who worries if a man likes her.I mean, somewhere deep down I’m really fragile, and it would hurt me, but I put on a lot of bravado, even to myself.As we've reported before, Petra lives quite the luxurious lifestyle with multiple million-dollar estates across the world, including the former Spelling estate, once the most expensive home in America, for which she paid million.It is no surprise that Petra is a former model, but this heiress is a working girl as well.As a teenager, Vodianova helped her mother sell fruit on the street and later set up her own fruit stand with a friend to help her family out of poverty.Vodianova has achieved success as a runway, editorial, and advertising campaign model.Just like the women in a Chekhov play, she has this extraordinary resilience.She doesn’t let her difficult past stop her.” In fact, the past drives her like a Ferrari on the last lap of the Formula 1 Grand Prix.(His family owns a lot of prime real estate in central London.) Since then, like Twiggy, Veruschka, Iman, Linda, the Christies, Naomi, Kate, and Gisele before her, Natalia has reached such iconic status in the fashion world that she has entered the ranks of one-named idols. (Vodianova and Portman, who together had three children, Lucas, 12, Neva, 8, and Viktor, 6, ended their marriage in 2010.) On weekends she, Arnault, and the family can often be found at their country place, about 40 minutes outside of Paris.magazine, with Oscar and Annette de la Renta, Carolina and Reinaldo Herrera, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and Apolo Ohno, the gold-medalist speed skater from the Olympics,” Weber recalls. Most girls starting out on one of their first sittings, in this company, would have been a little bit insecure, if not terrified. She acted like she was home with her family.” Weber remembers Annette de la Renta and Hillary Clinton comparing her to an angel. I called her on the phone there, only to witness a bit of malarkey—Arnault pretending to be the butler and answering the phone in French so fast I almost called Berlitz.


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