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When I first got a Mac, one of the first pieces of software that I fell in love with was Net News Wire — it was a revolution in how to keep up with news.It was quite something, and so it took a lot for me to move away from it.

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The i OS update has been approved and should be on the App Store now.This was possible thanks to RSS, a standardized system for formatting site content in such a way that special “newsreader” apps can parse out each article separately and display it in a custom interface. The Web-based Google Reader used to dominate on the Web, but it was discontinued in 2013, setting off a scramble to fill its very big shoes (see “The State of Google Reader Replacements,” 27 June 2013).Once a site offers an RSS feed, users can subscribe to it with any newsreader. In the native-app category, different RSS readers have attained prominence over the years.A copy of the public SSL cert is bundled with the application and is used as a source of the public key we use with the sync service.2.Client side code used an assertion to validate the bundled cert before using the public key.The biggest difference with Net News Wire and most RSS services is that your Mac or i Phone is the device polling the RSS feeds for updates.Whereas with services like Feed Wrangler a server sitting in the proverbial cloud is polling those services.But years of stagnation meant I had to try other services.For quite sometime that was Fever, a self-hosted RSS reader, but that too started to get long in the tooth.So, I began consolidating updates from my favorite sites in a centralized location for more efficient perusal.Using specialized software, I could subscribe to my favorite sites’ “feeds,” and thereafter get the latest news from all those sites in a single and easy-to-scan stream.


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