Ochocinco messes with dating show was chelsea handler dating 50 cent

He didn’t want to get to know me on the show, I hardly got a date, but now he wants to get to know me!” Fortunately, Halie has proof that she wasn’t making it all up.

“Yes, I know he was talking to Cheryl when we were filming the show and sending her gifts, he also was sending stuff to Evelyn, from “Basketball Wives”” Halie confirms.I had heard that Chad was getting his own reality show and it would be on Vh1, very similar to a co-worker, wide-receiver, and now Cincinnati Bengal – Terrell Owens. I am not interested in seeing him meandering around his life having fake conversations over meals like on The one thing that I really loved about those shows was that you could see how seriously those two were taking the show.Ray J seemed too young to have a dating show and the show almost appeared like it was the wildest arranged marriage ever. And the more I love this beautiful sport and the organization for it, the more I have to love everyone who participates in it.And this player I’m thinking of in particular is actually on the rival team of my team. He is funny, charismatic, great with his fans, and, what matter’s most, a great football player.The couple also got plenty of screen time during the first episode of , which premiered Aug. Johnson -- who legally changed his last name to Ochocinco in 2008, then changed it back July 23 -- had been trying to revive his career with the Dolphins and played briefly in their preseason opener Friday night.But the 6ft 1" wide receiver was not looking for any sympathy and readily admitted that he was the cause of his own problems: 'Don't feel bad, my black ass messed up, I made the bed now I gotta lay n it,' he said.“In the first episode of the show I admitted to have met him before in the past in Miami, however, in the confession room he SWORE he never met me before, and tried to play me as a liar and confused on the show,” Halie told BOSSIP.“Now he is trying to holla at me again on the side, when on the show he really showed no black girls much love!Halie also has major beef because Chad tried to play her out on TV and make her look confused when she said they’d met before and he’d tried to holler at her.On the show, Chad pretended not to remember meeting Heather, and for the remainder of her time on the set, she was portrayed as being sensitive and emotional!


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