Online dating fears

So I decided to do some asking around to find out why so many of us women are afraid to say yes to online dating.Because People Will Think I'm a Loser This is hands-down the most common thing I heard from women.You seem to be on the same wave and everything is going perfect, but suddenly he/she stops chatting with you.He/she doesn’t answer your messages, ignores all your offers and requests without any explanations.Below, 15 online dating profiles and messages that prove all your fears about online dating are completely warranted.

It was all put into a social experiment thats pretty interesting to watch!

Conversely, fears can be unwarranted and impede an otherwise promising relationship. It might be helpful to know some of the most prevalent dating fears among women.

Here are five at the top of the list: Fear #1: She’s afraid her new man is going to turn out just like her ex or former partner.

It’s not a secret that one of the most widespread reasons for people to avoid online dating is a fear of being rejected.

On the Internet we have to present ourselves to hundreds of other users, so people with low self-esteem, who take things too close to heart, are unlikely to use online matchmaking services.


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