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Tell me something that never works when you need it to. Name a non-traditional instrument you might see people playing. Name a celebrity you would be embarrassed to see your parent dress like. Tell me a man's name that starts with the letter "P". We asked 100 women: Name something you refuse to spend a lot of money on. Name a word or phrase you associate with the word "long". Name something people are always looking for but rarely find. Besides the US, name a country where they play hockey. Give me a woman's name that starts with the letter "E". Name a book you expect a high school student to read in English class. Tell me something a man with a big beer belly might have a hard time fitting into. Name A Specific Skill You’d Have To Be Good To Be A Professional Baseball Player. Name A Sport That Can Only Be Played Outdoors During The Winter.

Name something you do to a room to make it smell good. Name a country that used to have a lot of colonies. Tell me something you associate with the Star Wars series. When a couple breaks up, what might one partner want back? Give me an expression which contains the word 'ring'. Tell me a country that is known for having nice people. Name something in your house that makes a lot of noise. Name something you'd do a lot more if you didn't own a television. Name something in your house that needs maintenance. Give me a word that means the opposite of 'normal'. Name somewhere children love to go but adults don't. Name a job you should avoid if you are afraid of public speaking. We asked 100 people: Name your favorite Disney princess. Name A Sport Where The Players Don’t Wear A Helmet.

(For context, I’ve just graduated from college and this is in Madison, WI.) I can usually convince a friend to go with me. ) I walk to my friend Justin’s house to borrow his headphones and he won’t come either.

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Since my crappy marriage book is coming out in three weeks and it’s about marriage, I’m going to share some of the prenuptial story. ———————– It is a hot and humid, mid-summer afternoon. After going back and forth about “trying the distance thing” we both admitted defeat. I’m ready to be alone and focus on myself for a change.

(married guys): The good news is your wife’s an animal in bed. Name a place you could go if you were on the run from the law. If you were wearing a swimsuit, name a place you might not be allowed into. Name something that you'd have to buy if you wanted to dress up like a witch. Name something you don't want to do when you're tired. Name something you wear that would still fit if you lost 20 pounds. Name a reason why it would be a pain to live in a big city. Name someone you might see at a graduation ceremony. Name A Sea Creature That Would Never Fit In Your Home Aquarium. Name A Reason Why Your Partner Might Come Home In A Bad Mood.

Name something you might keep within arms reach while on a road trip. Name a summer attraction the whole family can enjoy. Name something you might want to do when visiting Japan. Tell me a celebrity you would hate to sit next to on a flight. Give me a word that means the opposite of 'smooth'. Name a country that doesn't win many medals at the Winter Olympics. We asked 100 people: Name a movie that features dragons. Name the last thing you would say to your boss if you quit your job. Where do you think a kid might think a monster could be hiding? Name a city in North America you would hate to drive in. Name a breakfast cereal that adults hate but children don't. Name an occupation where you mostly deal with strangers. Tell me a word you'd use to describe someone who is mean. Name A Relative You’d Rather Not See During The Holidays Name A Rule You Might See Posted At A Zoo.

What did people use to plan vacations before the internet? We asked 100 people: Name a vampire who doesn't like feeding on human blood. Name something associated with Little Red Riding Hood. Name a place you might turn to for relationship advice. We asked 100 men: Name something you don't do today, if you can put it off until tomorrow. Tell me something you might do after you get a bad grade on a test. Name A Place You Might Sleep When You Stay At A Friend’s House Name A Professional That Charges For Advice Name A Reason Someone Might Prefer Seeing A Movie In A Theater Instead Of Renting One At Home Name A Part Of the Body People Stretch Before Exercising Name a part of the body that starts with the letter “B.”Name A Pasta Dish That Ends With The Letter “I”Name A Piece Of Personal Information They Might Ask On A Job Application Name A Place Cars Line Up To Get In. # Only Name A Part Of A Motorcycle That It Would Be Tough To Ride Without. Name A Fancy Word For “Barber”Name A Feature You Might Have In Your Car That A Mother Might Like To Have On Her Baby’s Stroller. Name A Complaint Someone Might Have About A Movie Theater Concession Stand.

Tell me something you try to fix yourself, rather than having a professional fix it for you. Name a profession where you need to be good at math. Name something a telemarketer might try to sell to you. Name something many people spend a lot of money on just to impress others Name something you miss while on vacation. Tell me something people do to be romantic on Valentine's Day. Tell me something you would expect to see a farmer wear. Name A Sport That’s Fun To Play But Boring To Watch. Name A Specific Item An Auto Part Store Sells A Lot Of.


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