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In spring and summer, you can spend your days exploring the world’s longest freshwater coastline, enjoy outstanding water sports on the many inland lakes. Mackinac Island is an idyllic island vacation destination where time has stood still and motor vehicles are not permitted.

Here you can explore 70 miles of walking, hiking, or biking trails or try a variety of water sports on the calm waters of Lake Huron.

Mackinac Island is one of the best places to visit in Michigan.

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According to legend, Petosegay was a descendant of French nobleman and fur trader, Antoine Carre and an Ottawa princess.The traditional wedding service is firmly rooted in Byzantine ritual and is quite long.In Ancient Greece and Rome, the Bride was always taken to her wedding and new home with torches.A wedding without the presence of a torch fire was not considered fully sanctified.The function of the torches were both elemental and spiritual.Spend some time visiting a few of the excellent city museums, including UMMA – University of Michigan Museum of Art, the fascinating University of Michigan Museum of Natural History and Planetarium and the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum.Ann Arbor is one of the best places to go in Michigan for couples.In Rome, one of these torches was made of white thorns, which was believed to keep away evil influences.Fire was regarded as a legitimate witness to a marriage in Greece.The stones were formed as a result of glaciation, in which sheets of ice plucked stones from the bedrock, grinding off their rough edges and depositing them in the northwestern (and some in the northeastern) portion of Michigan's lower peninsula.In those same areas of Michigan, complete fossilized coral colony heads can be found in the source rocks for the Petoskey stones.


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