Play count not updating from ipod Jewish girl dating

my home Mac hosts my main i Tunes library and was on the last version i Tunes 11.

I connect to it from my Windows laptop in my office, with the Home Sharing setting to update play counts and dates turned on (I need this for certain playlists to work).

I haven't seen anything in the documentation either.

After upgrading the Windows machine to i Tunes 12.01, this feature stopped working.

But what if a song you loathe and only play as a gag for friends happens to creep into your 'Most Listened To' playlist?

Most savvy i Tunes users won't need an in-depth tutorial (just right-click and select Reset Play Count), but everyone is a newbie once.

I can play music from my main i Tunes library on my laptop just fine, but they don't get updated with the last play date and count on the main library - like it did earlier this morning.

I then upgraded i Tunes on my Mac that hosts the i Tunes library and it's now on 12.01 as well - but the problem is still there. This isn't the first time I've had an i Tunes upgrade break this feature.


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