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IGN and GTA 5 Cheats posted up the list of cheats for the PS3 version of the game and just as you would expect, it's basically the same cheat stuff as the Xbox 360 version.

They've been tried and tested to ensure that they work so it shouldn't be one of those scenarios where you boot up the game and input the code and find yourself standing there like you mistakenly left your Jimmies at home and forgot to bring a belt to hold your pants up. You don't have to input them through the phone like in GTA IV, but I kind of wish that had been the case...

Community Q&A If you have a PS3, you probably want to know how to load it with some of your favorite music.

Using an MP3 player and your computer, you can easily copy songs onto your device.

Download Your questions answered: How to protect your data in the cloud The number of successful cyberattacks per year per company has increased by 46% over the last four years.

But what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution?

Uncover the hollowed King Vendrick in the Undead Crypt, get the King's Ring, and enter Aldia's Keep.

Reach the Ancient Dragon, and obtain the Ashen Mist Heart.

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Inject life into your cloud-hosted applications: 5 best practices to boost end-user experience Feel as though the performance of your cloud-hosted applications has become lacklustre?

Here are five best practices that can help you boost end-user experiences, simplify performance management, and reduce the cost of your AWS environment.

Oh yeah, I should also mention that if you decide to input any of these codes into the game you will not be rewarded with any Trophies during your play-session.

If you want Trophies, you're going to have to earn them the old-fashioned way.


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