Psychology of dating down

By the same token, a woman who chooses "to exchange a ten-cent vocabulary word for a five" (in Ms.

Richter's words) backfires: she's going to get exactly the type of man (or woman) she doesn't want.

In her latest post, Richter quoted from Anne Beckley Coleman's book , in which Coleman describes having to prune her online dating profile to seem less smart, well-read, and travelled then she actually was, to attract more potential dates.

The comments confirmed that this was a common problem for women who all too often find men intimidated by their brains or accomplishments.

It didn't take long for me to jump in, having written recently (here and here) on the importance of being yourself when trying to meet people.

”As much as love is a drug, worship is an even easier one to get addicted to.

As the Stone Roses so eloquently put it, “I wanna be adored!


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