Remington typewriter serial number dating

Of all brands made, Underwood was the warhorse of the industry.

Remember scenes with secretaries, a cop or a hardboiled newspaper reporter pounding away on a sturdy upright?

The museum contains at least one typewriter from each decade since the 1880s. Martin were on the History Channel television show Modern Marvels episode called "Retro Tech" which originally aired on December 19, 2008.

Typewriters were quite expensive when new, sometimes exceeding the equivalent cost of a laptop computer today.

Hundreds of different vintage and antique (100 years old or more) typewriters are on the market, in conditions ranging from nearly new to "Why are the keys missing?

" Unlike other antiques and collectibles, determining the value of a typewriter is tricky: as collecter and typewriter expert Tony Casillo notes, there are no major marketplaces solely for old typewriters and office machines, although a few dealers offer listings, like this one for the Sholes-Kortsch collection.

Incorporated in 1895, the company was founded by German immigrant Franz X.

Wagner, but an entrepreneur named Underwood later bought the company.

A: Our reader may be indulging in wishful thinking, so our job is to show her how a smart collector determines possible value.

Because there were so many different typewriter manufacturers and typewriter models, collectors will come across early examples with odd shaped (or organized) keyboards, brass plated casings, or even fancy inlay work.

The value of these models are generally higher than the plainer versions, such as the Blickensderfer Model No. Earlier models command higher prices, but how much higher depends again, by who wants the machine at that time.

(You will note the little-known Conover of 1912 is connected to the Chicago and the Munson; the Chicago was also marketed as the Baltimore, Draper [1900], Galesburg, Ohio and Yale [1906].)Most new collectors pretty quickly find their way to Dirk Schumann's The Typewriter Database to see when their machines were made, but it seems a few have difficulties finding the serial number to check against the dates on Dirk's database.

I thought you may be interested in a small booklet I found in a box of typewriter junk I purchased. What better way to appreciate your typewriter than by knowing its age. It by no means has every brand, model, and serial number. Smith-Corona, Remington, Royal, Underwood, Woodstock-Allen, and IBM. I am doing the post in 2 parts to keep the length of the post manageable.


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