Rich dollaz and olivia dating

"crazy I've known her since BMCC days @inkedup_boogie #bmcc #newday #dollaz,"he wrote in February, along with a side-by-side sexy photo of the stripper.

According to his website, Rich started his career as an intern at Baby Records where Diddy gave him the name as Rich Dollaz.

But did you know that they don’t see eye to eye, and that he is someone that believes his clients need to take the opportunities that are offered to them rather than being too picky.

He feels her career would be a lot more successful if she only took opportunities and used them to her advantage rather than ignoring them because they don’t look like perfection from the start.

Rich Dollaz has alluded several times to the fact that he is a frat boy and that he had some good times in his frat.Since most people were completely unaware of the fact that he even went to college, most people glossed right over this and ignored it like it was their business. For Rich Dollaz, starting at the bottom meant interning for none other than the very famous Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. This is how Rich Dollaz was able to get his start in the music business, and we’re pretty impressed that he was able to do so, to be honest.However, it turns out that Rich Dollaz is rumored to actually be a Kappa Alpha Psi. You’ve seen her on the hit reality show on which Rich Dollaz stars, so you know that he’s her manager.In the process, Mena and Tiffany begin their own romantic relationship.In the first preview clip shown below, Tiffany told R&B singer Olivia that she became friends with Mena because Dollaz asked her to. "I hung out with Erica, mmm...spying for Rich," Tiffany told Oliva. Viewers saw Dollaz break up with Mena in episode 7.However, despite his constant presence in the media, there is still so much that we do not know about Rich Dollaz and his lifestyle, and that means it’s time to get to know this famous rapper a bit more.It’s easy to make assumptions about Rich Dollaz based on his way of life, they way he speaks and the way that he presents himself, but did you know that he’s actually a college educated man?This past season on But on the upcoming Season 5, the producer said that he and co-star Yandy Smith will only be focused on seeking talent for their record label, Lenox Avenue Records."We're going on our first national talent show to find our first act, and you'll probably see that act on season 5. The reality couple had to answer a few red carpet questions, so when Rich was asked about how long they’ve been dating, the Dollaz Entertianment hunk claimed that Moniece was the one to reach out first, although Moniece feels it was mutual.Check out these two, because they actually seem to fit nicely together.


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